In today’s economy, career transitions are the norm, not the exception.  The average person will change careers five to seven times during their working life.  You’re not alone!

A career change can be unsettling, but it doesn’t have to be a negative experience.  Job transitions can be beneficial financially and mentally if you prepare well.  An opportunity for growth and development in a new company or position can positively impact your overall well-being.

What does it mean to be in career transition?

Sometimes a transition is forced upon you. A forced change may mean the elimination of your current role, dissolution of your company, a merger/acquisition, etc.  These transitions are hard to prepare for, but with the right networking, training, and initiative, a job loss can lead to a brighter future.

Transitions are more often a choice.  Sometimes you’re looking for a better salary, flexibility, or benefits.  Other people may need to move to a new city or just look for different company culture.  Maybe you’re looking for growth and a new challenge?  You don’t want to leave your field but want to explore other aspects of it in a new environment.

More significant job transitions can mean total industry shifts, such as going from a chef to a school teacher.  Perhaps you’ve developed job skills that you want to explore and expand in a complete career shift.  A pre-COVID study showed that 58% of workers were willing to take a pay cut to change jobs completely!

How a focus on wellness & self-care can positively influence your next adventure:

No matter your reason for a job transition, taking care of yourself in the process is essential. If you’re not comfortable with yourself, it will be apparent to those around you. Career transition is a time to be especially aware of self-care and positive self-image.

Take actionable steps to improve your self-care.  You already know all the easy ones, increase water intake, move your body 30 minutes/day, meditation, fresh air, sunlight. Perhaps most important, right now, reach out to some humans! Connect with people! If you’re looking for an easy visual reminder, consider printing one of these self-care checklists compiled by “The Happier Human” blog.

Tips on how to move forward and reskill/up-skill yourself

If you haven’t read it already, consider reading John Acuff’s book Do Over.  It’s an excellent resource for those going through or considering a career transition. 

Take some time to assess your strengths and weaknesses.  This might be the perfect time to look into continuing education, brushing up on current skills, gaining new skill sets. Dynamic Works Institute offers over 300 virtual, interactive courses to help you upskill and succeed in your new position or career.

Most importantly, explore what you truly want. Don’t just transition to a new job, but transition to a new career that you’re passionate about.  DWI’s Get Prepped & Get Coached options are a great way to help.