CWDP Online Training Course

Discover lessons that verify professional competency development around the National Association for Workplace Development Professionals (NAWDP) five defined core competency areas. Dynamic Works’ NAWDP 5 Core Competency Training is an essential stop on the way to earning your Certified Workforce Development Professional (CWDP) Credentials.

Dynamic Works Institutes course provides you with interactive and engaging lessons you can take at your own pace.  Each of the core competency areas includes numerous resources to help you understand the material, a study guide to follow along with the lessons and a quiz for each section.  There is no final exam!

The course/competency areas included are as follows:

Competency #1 - Customer Services Methodology

Teaches the critical steps leading towards successful customer service with populations served, business and internal customers.

Competency #2 - Diversity in Workforce Development

Learn about diversity in the workplace, assessing the needs of diverse groups, and the intricacies of diverse group communication strategies and the importance of diversity in the workplace.

Competency #3 - Labor Market Information and Intelligence

Learn about LMI principles and practical applications.

Competency #4 - Principles of Communication

Learn the basics of workplace communications, writing, face-to-face communications, and listening skills.

Competency #5 - Workforce Development Structure, Policies and Programs

Explanation and purpose of Workforce Development.

NAWDP Video on Why You Should Earn Your CWDP Credentials

The NAWDP 5 Core Competency Training Curriculum contains quizzes to verify competency when passed with 80% or higher in each of five competencies. NO FINAL EXAM required.

Complete this course and submit your passing certificate to NAWDP to become CWDP certified.

For more information on the NAWDP application and reciprocity agreements go to:


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