Photo of a group of professional adults holding speech bubbles with the tagline "We Focus On The Skills And Mindsets That Make Life More Fulfilling."

DWI offers 300+ virtual, interactive courses, coaching and live webinars to transform the value and success individuals, corporations and community-based organizations derive from their work.

Learning Solutions For Myself

Prepare yourself for career success. Whether you need to learn the ropes of workplace dynamics, learn techniques to interview effectively, expand your skills, or reinvent yourself, DWI has virtual training subscription to help you advance. Plus, you can select courses of most interest or need.

Learning Solutions For Others

Help people shine in their careers. Whether you are assisting people in entering or re-entering the workforce or need to fill in the gaps in your organizations training catalog, DWI has a virtual training course offering to help people grow and find fulfillment in their careers.

What our Customers are Saying

From the moment I had my first interaction with the DWI General Manager, I knew this project would be a success. Her patience, coordination skills and overall understanding of the project exceeded my expectations. It has been a pleasure working with the talented DWI team, and I know we will continue to grow in our working relationship in the months and years ahead. I cannot say enough about my Dynamic experience!”
Crystal B.
"Presentation was quick, significant information from an expert."

Anne T.
Charlottesville, Virginia
"After attending the seminar and coaching sessions, I built my resume and also got confidence in getting ready to start my new career."

Ryan M.
Norman, Oklahoma
"I learned that I am more talented than I think."

Martin P.
Westwood, NJ
The encouragement was exactly what I needed, the powerful assessment, evaluation and assessement was on point to identify where I am in the process of job seeking, and to point me in the direction to meet my needs.
Elizabeth L.
Geneva, IL

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Returning to a New Normal

Returning to a New Normal

It’s time to re-calibrate!  Our days of working from home are coming to an end, and we’re heading back into the office. While there is no single approach to how everyone will return to their desks, it’s beginning to happen.  A recent LinkedIn survey shows that 20% of those who

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Dynamic Works Get Coached

Practice Really Does Make Perfect – A Coach Can Help

The more you are comfortable doing something, the more confidence you exude while doing so. According to Tony Robbins, ‘repetition is the mother of skill.’ Equally important is the guidance of a good career coach or teacher. Good things to remember in life and particularly as you advance in your

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Workforce Rookie Program

Workforce Rookie Brochure

Workforce RookieStart their Workforce career steps ahead! Dynamic Works’ Workforce Rookie program is your workforce starter explosion! Being new to workforce can be overwhelming and we know that new employees stay and feel effective when they know what they are doing. Workforce Rookie was developed with that in mind—a fast

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