Building the Power Skills to Succeed

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Soft Skills Are Harder To Learn

Dynamic Works’ POWER COURSES provide over 30 years of training resources to build 5 Minute accelerated courses that provide the required skills to get people back to work, improve communications and customer service and build stronger leaders. The visually appealing “YouTube Style” format focuses on four targeted categories that help:

    1. Job seekers land the new job quicker
    2. Improve employee communications and productivity
    3. Improve customer services skills in increase sales
    4. Build stronger leaders to help businesses grows

New User Interface

  • New, easy-to-follow categories
  • Anyone registered in your account has EASY access – Just click the “Power Courses” menu!  No Course registration required.
  • Quick scanning of the top and most watched courses
  • Ease of use on all size devices

Improved Tracking and Reporting

  • Monitor user engagement and status
  • Identify the time watched on individual courses
  • Create learning plans based on the most watched courses

5 Targeted Quick Start Courses

  • Gain quick success in less than 25 minutes by selecting the “Start Here” Courses in each of the four categories
  • Specifically selected based on the most popular and effective starter courses
resources for job seekers

Job Seeker Power Courses

1. Finding Your Niche
2. Interviewing
3. Job Search
4. Landing the job

improving customer service skills

Customer Service Power Courses

1. Problem Solving
2. Self Direction
3. Extreme Customer Service
4. Self Confidence
5. Customer Communications

communication skills for workers

Communications Power Courses

1. Self Improvement 2. Effective Communication
3. Communication Style
4. Verbal and Nonverbal Communications
5. Self Confidence

Leadership training in soft skills

Leadership Power Courses

1. Decision Making 2. Conflict Management 3. Team Building
4. Vision
5. Social and Emotional Skills
6. Interpersonal Skills

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