Finding a Job on LinkedIn

A solid and captivating LinkedIn profile is your virtual business card, making it the cornerstone of your job search efforts on the platform. Your goal is to grab the attention of potential employers and recruiters.

Four Tips for Nailing your Job Interview

If you’re looking for employment, it’s essential to approach your job interview with the proper attitude. While interviewing for a position can be nerve-wracking, with the right mindset and preparation you can nail the interview and land your job.

Starting A Step Ahead On The Path To A New Job

Job Seekers

Are you ready to make a job change, enter, or re-enter the job force?  Whether this is your first job or relaunching your career, you are in stiff competition among the 9.7 million unemployed Americans today.  It’s a staggering number, but the good news is that companies are hiring.  The US Labor Department reports in […]

Building Your Skills & Resume in a Time of Crisis

Photo of job search and interview resume recruitment application concept

Much of the world has been at a standstill since March, but that doesn’t mean your career has to be.  This might be a good time for you to work on building your portfolio. An updated resume can show your value to future employers in a more appealing way.  If you’ve been furloughed, had hours […]