Workforce Rookie

Workforce Rookie: Your Fast-Track to Workforce Success

Welcome to Workforce Rookie, the ultimate starter program for those new to the workforce development industry. We understand that starting a new career can be daunting, but with Workforce Rookie, you’re set for a successful journey right from the start.

Why Choose Workforce Rookie?

Quick and Comprehensive

Our program is designed to quickly bring new employees up to speed in the complex world of workforce development.
Enjoy a mix of live webinars and hands-on activities, making learning both fun and effective.
We specialize in helping professionals transition their existing skills into key workforce areas like case management, compliance and performance.
Our approach ensures that your staff is ready to make a meaningful contribution from day one.

Program Highlights

3-Hour Live Webinar

Dive into the essentials of workforce development.

Experiential Learning

Engage in interactive activities for real-world application.


An affordable solution offered bi-monthly, to reduce your training time.

Get your staff ready to excel in workforce development with Workforce Rookie. Join us and lay the foundation for a thriving career! Buy Now.