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Dynamic Works is pleased to offer a wide range of virtual training curricula to Hawaii Department of Education professionals. We look forward to serving you as you provide critical systems of support to your school campuses. 

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Hawaii Department of Education Subscription Packages

Build your communication skills! This series provides 54 different 5-minute short courses on eight different areas to becoming a more confident and effective communicator. The sections include:

  1. Communication Styles
  2. Effective Communication Strategies
  3. Networking
  4. Nonverbal Communications
  5. Self-Confidence
  6. Self-Improvement
  7. Improved Verbal Communications
  8. Improved Written Communications

Enjoy over 4.5 hours of informative professional courses for a low monthly subscription.

Become a top customer service professional by learning skills in six critical areas to effective customer service. Through forty-eight short 5-minute courses you will learn skills in handling difficult situations, improving self-confidence and more.

Improve your skills in customer services with virtual courses in these six key areas:

  1. Effective communication
  2. Extreme customer service
  3. Handling difficult situations
  4. Problem solving
  5. Self confidence
  6. Self-direction

Enjoy over 4 hours of informative professional courses for a low monthly subscription.

Become a more effective leader by building skills in ten key areas including decision making, team building, conflict management, communications and more. With ninety-one short and informative 5-minute courses you will quickly improve your leadership.

Get access to ninety-one short 5-minute courses on top leadership skills. Gain new insights and learning in the areas of:

  1. Conflict management
  2. Decision making
  3. Diversity
  4. Effective Communication
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. Interpersonal Skills
  7. Networking
  8. Social Intelligence
  9. Team Building
  10. Vision

Enjoy over 7.5 hours of informative professional courses for a low monthly subscription.


Hawaii Department of Education Courses

The Big Three: Operations, Fiscal & Quality

Learn the importance of all three elements working together to create and maintain successful outcomes for your project.

Workforce boards, staff and contractors must think about quality in service delivery and workforce programming differently. This series focuses on how quality is utmost within the workforce system, different quality systems and how they impact workforce and how to remain vigilant with continuous improvement.

Extreme Customer Service Transformation

Learn how to be EXTREME! This animated course follows our employee, “Jeff” on his personal journey through customer service skills that take him from great to EXTREME! Learn tips, tools and tricks to transform your customer service too!

Get Prep'd Work Readiness Series

Get Prep’D addresses the fact that employers hire on technical skills but promote or terminate based on soft skills.  Based on employer research and feedback, we have identified five initial topics integral to successful transition to employment and success on the job: Remaining Focused on the Job, Taking Initiative, Effective Problem Solving Skills, Written and Verbal Communication and Dependability. All employees will benefit from learning these skills so they can shine.

Compliance: Diversity, Ethics and Anti-Harassment

Employee compliance training for the adult population. Course training titles include Diversity in the Workplace, Diverse Group Communications, Ethics in the Workplace, and Preventing Sexual Harassment. 

Compliance: An Investigation into Ethics, Diversity,

Explore Diversity, Ethics and Anti-Harassment training with this animated compliance package that addresses traditional compliance topics in a new way. A private investigator takes you on a journey of discovery through traditional training lessons, relevant scenarios and interactive decision making on appropriate resolution. 

OMG! I'm a Supervisor Now!

Have you ever found yourself in supervisory position without any training? Are you ready to take on the responsibility for performance of others? Do some of your supervisors struggle in making the transition to supervisor or communicating firm expectations? This 5 part, recorded series, presented by Dynamic Works and NAWDP, can help address the most common challenges for supervisors.

Extreme Customer Service; Even When You Don't Feel Extreme!

Providing good customer service experiences for co-works, job seekers, employers, partners, well, everyone, is just part of what we are expected to do each day. Right? But how do you do that on the days you JUST DON’T FEEL like it? We all have difficult days and these days can make providing extreme customer service to others feel like an unattainable goal. Join us and learn how you can overcome those days and provide extreme customer service even when you don’t feel extreme!


Compliance: The Gray Areas of Diversity, Ethics and Anti-Harrassment

The Gray Areas introduces and explores gray areas relating to Diversity, Ethics, and Sexual Harassment in the workplace. Customer Service is also included.  This package utilizes scenario-based learning. 

•        The scenarios presented in the Diversity eLesson will increase the learner’s awareness of the ways we might offend others, help you to recognize potential blind spots and learn to talk about differences and similarities as well as give the learner new ways to relate to others. 

•        The scenarios presented in the Ethics eLesson will spotlight some typical ethical questions that occur in the workplace to entice the learner to decide what you would do if faced with tough ethical decisions.

•        The scenarios presented in the Prevention of Sexual Harassment eLesson will help the learner further understand what behaviors could be considered sexual harassment in order to prevent their occurrence.

Compliance: An Entry Level Introduction

Compliance; An Entry Level Introduction into Ethics, Diversity, Anti-Harassment is employee compliance training for young adult/youth programs and entry level employees. Training includes the topics of Diversity, Ethics and Preventing Sexual Harassment as well as Extreme Customer Service.