Workforce Development

CWDP Certified Professional Bundle

Workforce Development

Obtaining your CWDP certification means you are serious about building your status in the industry.  This roadmap proved you the required 5 Core Competency training needed to obtain your CWDP certification.  It also provides you with additional expert skills and resources you need to be the best in your field at a reduced price.

Your Roadmap to Becoming a Top Certified Workforce Development Professional

Customer Service Pro

Start your roadmap by learning the critical steps that lead to successful customer service with the populations you serve.

Diversity in Workforce Development

Learn how to assess the needs of diverse groups and the importance of diversity in the workplace.

Labor Market Intelligence

Get the skills you need to be an LMI expert with the principles and practical applications.

Communication Skills

Continue building your skills in effective workplace communications.

Workforce Development Structure, Policies and Programs

Finish the roadmap by learning how to effectively apply your skills to the Workforce Development industry.

Get Certified to accelerate your career in Workforce Development

This CWDP Certification Roadmap provides:

  • 23 Engaging Learning Modules
  • 6 Case Study Examples
  • Study Guides for each stop on the Roadmap
  • Over 75 helpful activity guides and resource references
  • Quizzes to check your learning and get certified


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Resources Valued at Over $1,200 if purchased separately
Total Price $779.00

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