About Us

We focus on the skills—and mindsets—that make work life more fulfilling

Few things provide the amount of dignity and self-worth as the work you do. Frequently, learning new skills makes all the difference in a person’s life. That’s why Dynamic Works Institute exists. 

Since 2000, we have developed and delivered our suite of 300+ virtual, interactive and relevant courses and person-centered coaching for individuals and organizations nationwide to transform workplace experiences. 

We are proud of the work-life transformations we have supported. We listen to your goals and customize a plan to meet your needs:


Whether you are just starting your career, are between jobs, reentering the workplace or gainfully employed, Dynamic Works Institute has a customized, affordable suite of courses that will make your more confident, marketable and prepared.

Workforce Development and Community Based Organizations

From entry-level workplace skills to serving special populations – and even developing your supervisors and case managers – Dynamic Works Institute provides training and certifications that reinforce your organization’s good works.


With hundreds of courses in our portfolio, we fill the gaps in your staff training initiatives, providing compliance training, leadership development, coaching and the resources to build a robust talented management program.

The result is a dynamic portfolio of workforce training solutions, refined over two decades to deliver one of the best user experiences—and track records—available.

Our Mission – To provide convenient and relevant virtual training services with extreme customer service.

Our Vision – To develop skills — and mindsets — that make work life more fulfilling.

Our Values

Dynamic Works Institute builds and maintains strong, trusting relationships with our business professionals and customers by living our values:

  • Listening deeply to your unique needs
  • Respecting the many different paths people take toward ultimate success
  • Delivering relevant, effective, personalized recommendations
  • Going above and beyond to provide extreme customer service
  • Treating everyone with dignity