Workforce Development Professionals

Providing the learning and tools you need to be successful

Roadmaps and E-Learning Courses to accelerate your workforce development career with the knowledge and skills to advance

All the resources and tools you need to successfully implement job seeker training to your customers

Outreach marketing support to reach more youth and displace workers and dynamic reporting to track progress and compliance.

Workforce Development Professional Academy

Providing workforce development professionals the learning and resources needed to excel in the profession

Accelerated Roadmaps

Two Roadmaps to Accelerate Your Development

Workforce Starter

Roadmap For those new to Workforce

Roadmap to accelerate your workforce development career with the knowledge and skills to advance


Roadmap For CWDP and Business Solutions

All the skills you need to become CWDP certified and achieve a Business Solutions Professional Certification

Professional Development

NAWDP CWDP Certification

5 Core Competency Course

Endorsed by the National Workforce Development Professionals Association

Development Courses

Workforce and Business Professional Development Courses

Professional Development Courses to excel and advance your career

Trainer and Facilitator Resources

All of the resources you need to prepare your clients for job seeker success

no matter their starting point

Job Seeker Skills

Dynamic Works provides a full suite of job seeker eLearning courses you can use with customers to help them build their skills to find and keep the right job

Power Courses

Build your customer's soft skills to excel in their job search and provide employer ready customer service and communications

Career Readiness

Get your customers job ready with the skills they need to succeed.

Facilitator Guides

Resources are available to assist with the facilitation and implementation of the courses

Outreach and Reporting

Providing the Assistance You Need to Be Successful

Marketing Outreach

Dynamic Works provides you with outreach materials you can use to reach your customer and promote your local workforce brand

Compliance Reporting

Maintain compliance and meet your center goals through accurate tracking and reporting

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