Becoming a Workforce Development Hero

Few things provide the amount of dignity and self-worth as the work you do.  Especially as it relates to getting America back to work!  Do you have all the skills and resources you need to be a Workforce Development Hero?

Since 2000, we have developed and delivered our suite of 300+ virtual, interactive and relevant courses and person-centered coaching for individuals and organizations nationwide to transform workplace experiences. 


The result is a dynamic portfolio of workforce training solutions, refined over two decades to deliver one of the best user experiences—and track records—available. 

Take the steps to becoming a Workforce Development Hero

5 Minute POWER Courses

  • Soft Skill Training for Job Seekers and Managers
  • Over 162 E-learning Courses available
  • Complete support and resources including facilitator guides and outreach marketing
Managers of disabled youth worker

Cultural and Diversity Competencies

  • 5 new courses focused on building your team’s awareness about diversity and unconscious bias while providing strategies for coaching diverse teams
  • Key topics based on a leadership survey identifying ways to leverage employee’s strengths through improved understanding and awareness
  • May be used separately or as a program bundle