Make Follow-Up a Bbreeze

Workforce development professionals like you are busy, so we developed WIND, a WIOA INdividual Documentation system, to help make follow ups a breeze! A first-of-its-kind automated follow-up solution designed explicitly for America Job Centers. Developed with busy professionals in mind, WIND streamlines the WIOA-mandated follow-up process by catering to job seekers’ preferred communication methods, encourages ongoing development and eliminates 12 months of follow-up phone calls or impersonal text messages.

Workforce development professionals face numerous challenges in managing follow-up communication with their customers. Traditional phone calls can be time-consuming and labor-intensive for workforce development professionals, as well as inconvenient for job seekers. WIND addresses these challenges by automating the follow-up process, making it quick, efficient and tailored to job seekers’ communication preferences.

We’ve tailored it to the job seekers’ communication preferences. The WIND pilot program, which involved over 1,300+ participants, led to impressive results saving nearly 12,000 hours annually of staff time!  By reducing the reliance on follow-up phone calls, WIND enabled workforce development centers to reach their customers more effectively and on their terms, improving customer satisfaction and success.

By reducing traditional follow-up calls, centers that used WIND saw a time savings of over 190 hours of staff time and cut costs by nearly $5,800 per month. Plus, using digital communication instead of calling every individual, you can reach your customers on their terms and schedule.

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With our platform, you’ll be able to work smarter, not harder, and communicate with your customers in a way that’s convenient and
effective. It’s time to make follow-up a breeze with WIND!