Start the Summer out right!

Let the pros inspire your new job seeker to summer employment and kickstart their career. Help them find the perfect summer job by gifting them our Summer Job Success! Every package includes a Mock Interview webinar, which provides a live, interactive opportunity for the job seeker to refine their interviewing skills to help land the job!

summer job

Package content

90 days of access 90 minutes of training

* Package includes 1 Webinar, Mock Interviewing. This is a live interactive opportunity to practice your job interviewing skills.*

  • Job Hunting Strategies
  • Completing an Online Application
  • 5 Minutes Before an Interview  
  • 5 Minutes Before an Important Introduction
  • Self Confidence-Be Yourself a True Original
  • Self-Direction -Take Initiative
  • It’s All in the Tone 
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication-Speak Clearly Without Saying a Word
  • Becoming a Better Listener 
  • Acting on Feedback 

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