Summer Earn and Learn

Summer Earn & Learn

Complete and Ready to Implement eLearning and Facilitators Training Kit

Are you in charge of implementing your Job Center or Workforce Board’s Summer Earn and Learn Program? If so, these Nine interactive eLearning modules are just what you have been looking for. EASY to implement. EASY to facilitate and virtually available 7 days a week 24 hours per day.  Marketing kit is also included!

Dynamic Works realizes the specific needs for ALL abilities and created the Virtual Summer Earn and Learn (SEAL) program, Dynamic Possibilities, to give your young adults the pre-employment work readiness and transferable skills they need for SUCCESS. The complete training kit includes:

  • 9 Interactive eLearning modules specifically designed to prepare those with different abilities for summer work
  • Activity guides included to help job coaches with facilitating group or individual workshops
  • Reinforcement tools and resources to expand and solidify the learning experience
  • Marketing materials including flyers, mailers and social media posts to get the message out to youth and employers
  • One price for the facilitator’s training kit and individually priced eLearning access for each participant. 
Managers of disabled youth worker

Navigating the disclosure process

While disclosure can be difficult, being open with a potential employer makes an individual more likely to get what they need to succeed.

Mentoring disabled workers

Self-advocacy and accommodations

Asking for accommodations for a disability, especially in an interview, can be a daunting task. Where do you start? What do you say?

Youth worker

Recognizing the unique you

We all have different strengths and abilities! This module helps you accept yourself for who you are and what skills you bring to the team.

Jobs for disabled

Self-awareness quest

In this gamified module, you can select and name an avatar and collect tokens as you learn about self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management!

Workers with disabilities

Journey through workforce

This gamified module allows you to collect tokens in the Dynamic One Stop as you navigate the services offered!

Youth with Disabilities can work

Strength-based approaches

Learn how strength-based mindsets and approaches can help dictate our career path, and drastically improve your chances of employment.

Summer Earn and Learn (SEAL)

Interpreting job postings

Navigate the sometimes-crazy world of job postings to uncover the job openings best suited to you.

summer work for disabled youth

Creating your career vision

Create your job vision first, then look through job opening. This will help ensure a position that you truly enjoy.

WIOA Summer Earn and Learn


Self-care takes time and lots of self-reflection. The better you know yourself, the easier this becomes. Look at these scenarios and learn more about self-care practices.

Summer Earn and Learn Marketing Materials
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