The Modern Workplace Is Interpersonal

Interpersonal Skills Graphic

You don’t have to be a sociologist to know that people crave personal validation. We see it every day in the workplace – the mere act of saying hello to your office mates as you walk into the building or waving goodbye as you leave a zoom call can make a difference. Of course, the […]

Soft Skills Are Harder To Learn

There is a formal or perhaps informal plan for learning the technical skills necessary to perform well when starting a new job. For example, someone will show you how to use the equipment properly, the procedures involved in documentation, and even where the off switch is. These are the kinds of hard skills necessary to […]

Hard Skills Are Pointless Without Soft Skills

At Dynamic Works, we know that you can’t be effective with only technical skills in most jobs. For example, a salesperson with an outstanding knowledge of their product and market will only be successful if they have the interpersonal skills to close deals and retain clients. A business manager needs to listen to employees, have […]

Returning to a New Normal

Returning to a New Normal

It’s time to re-calibrate!  Our days of working from home are coming to an end, and we’re heading back into the office. While there is no single approach to how everyone will return to their desks, it’s beginning to happen.  A recent LinkedIn survey shows that 20% of those who answered are already back at […]

Practice Really Does Make Perfect – A Coach Can Help

Dynamic Works Get Coached

The more you are comfortable doing something, the more confidence you exude while doing so. According to Tony Robbins, ‘repetition is the mother of skill.’ Equally important is the guidance of a good career coach or teacher. Good things to remember in life and particularly as you advance in your career. A career coach can […]

Workforce Rookie Brochure

Workforce Development

Workforce Rookie Start their Workforce career steps ahead! Dynamic Works’ Workforce Rookie program is your workforce starter explosion! Being new to workforce can be overwhelming and we know that new employees stay and feel effective when they know what they are doing. Workforce Rookie was developed with that in mind—a fast paced, interactive workforce development […]

Foundations of Workforce Development Professional (CDWP) Brochure

Workforce Development

Foundations of Workforce Development Professional (CWDP) Move your career forward with a nationally recognized credential. Earning a professional credential elevates your career, improves your promotability and identifies you as a true professional who has advanced education in your area of specialization. Aligned with a nationally recognized credential through the National Association of Workforce Development, our […]

You ARE One in a Million – How to Let Your Potential Employer Know!

Career Advancement

There is no one just like you. No one can bring to a job precisely what you can offer, from your unique personality to your specific skillset and experiences. Capitalize on that!  As the economy reopens, people are looking for jobs or looking to change careers.  You need to stand out in the crowd.  You […]

Case Management Brochure

Dynamic Works Case Management

DWI Case Management – The best case manager you can possibly be! Get reenergized and tap into your passion for helping others by learning how to teach them to help themselves! DWI’s Case Management program helps you and your team-specific case management skills that take you to a mentorship relationship with your job seekers, instead […]