Marketing Outreach Resources

Dynamic Works Institute provides resources and tools to help you reach your outreach goals.  Speak to a Dynamic Works Institute Representative today to learn more about how our courses and outreach programs can improve your results. 

Print Media Templates

Outreach materials such as mailers, one-page flyers and outreach guides have been produced for many of the courses to assist in reaching jobseekers.  Templates provided for your logo insertion. 

Social Media Templates

Social Media posts are a great way to reach youth jobseekers about programs and job opportunities.

Email Campaigns

Email automated sequence campaigns can be used to create frequent and compelling messages to engage youth and get them interested in the programs. 

Interactive and Engaging Quizzes

An effective way to get youth engaged is through interactive quizzes posted on social media.  These popular quizzes intrigue your jobseekers and provide information on how to use your resources. 

Influencer Marketing

To reach youth and job seekers today you have to go where they are.  Leveraging the audiences of influencers can drive your engagements and improve outreach.  

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