Disability Workers

Individuals with Disabilities

Disability Workers

Working with disabilities and finding the right job is challenging. This roadmap provides you the resources and skills you need to successfully navigate the job search and become a valuable employee.

Accelerating Your Path to a New Job

Overcoming Employment Challenges

These lessons will prepare you for finding the right job and the necessary steps to take.

Exploring Job Opportunities

These lessons will provide tips to leveraging your strengths to find your next job quicker.

Applying for the Job

These lessons provide you the tools you need to present your best self and get you notices.

Preparing for the Interview

Learn the skills you need to be your best during the interview and land the job.

Landing and Excelling at the Job

Learn key skills at Excelling at the job and Proving to Employers you are a Valuable Asset to their Business.

Get learning resources and guides on how to land that new job.

This Individuals with Disabilities Roadmap provides:

  • 18 Five-minute accelerated lessons
  • 15 helpful activity guides and resource references

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Resources Valued at Over $500 if purchased separately

Total Price $199.00

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