Multiply your impact through the power of awareness!

It’s time to multiply your impact through the power of awareness! Impact Hour is an interactive webinar series that meets for 1-hour for 6 consecutive weeks to advance your personal and professional skills in the face of sensitive situations.

From workforce development to human services professionals and everyone in between, this series allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to manage and maintain positive interactions with your coworkers, staff and customers. As a result, you’ll be enabled to lead confidently in the workplace with your heightened sense of awareness.

Topics Included are:

1. Mental Health Awareness – Looking Beyond the Label – Learn the common signs of mental illness as well as best practices in reducing stigma and engaging well with others. March 16th 12:00 CST

2. Domestic Violence – It’s More Common Than You Think – Learn key action steps to take when you suspect domestic violence. March 23rd 12:00 CST

3. Human Trafficking – How Can I help? – Learn the to recognize key indicators, how to recognize a victim of trafficking and what you can do to help. March 30th 12:00 CST

4. Whoa! What is wrong? Could it be PTSD? – Learn about the relationship between trauma and PSTD and how to identify it. April 6th 12:00 CST

5. De-escalation – Calm in the Storm – Learn best practices to engage with an individual whose emotions are not under control. April 13th 12:00 CST

6. Self-Care Is Not Selfish – Learn why self-care is not selfish, the benefits of self-care, and how to create a Self-Care Plan. April 20th 12:00 CST

This course includes a final test and Certificate of Completion.

If you’d like to send your team, contact to set up an account to purchase multiple program seats!