Florida Juvenile Justice Association Offers Youth Workforce Training Courses

The Florida Juvenile Justice Association is offering through Dynamic Works Institute two Dynamic Opportunity course bundles specifically designed for justice-involved youth re-entering the workforce and those that are actively working and engaging with youth.  Dynamic Works has over 40 years of experience in training and, more recently, virtual career services to transform workplace experiences.

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Dynamic Opportunities Youth Course Bundle

Dynamic Opportunities consists of 3 online courses specifically designed for those youth re-entering the workforce.

These courses are designed to provide youth with tools to navigate the world of work and be prepared to answer questions regarding disclosure, advocating for themselves and learning the soft skills needed to maintain employment. Youth are also given an opportunity to take action and create a plan for their career path.

Course bundle price is $220 and includes:

  • Dynamic Possibilities Re-entry – Re-Entry is a suite of eLearning courseware designed to assist career seekers who are ExOffenders to navigate through the world of work. The program consists of 9 interactive lessons and topics that are designed specifically with this user in mind.
  • Get Prep’dAddresses the fact that employers hire on technical skills but promote or terminate based on soft skills. Based on employer research and feedback, we have identified five initial topics integral to successful transition to employment and success on the job: Remaining Focused on the Job, Taking Initiative, Effective Problem Solving Skills, Written and Verbal Communication and Dependability.
  • Go Guide!A digital tool helping job seekers create their own plan with six stages of goal setting that creates a clear and actionable employment plan.

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  • Money Smarts Series – Tier 1help your youth learn the basics of becoming financially responsible.
  • Industry Scholars Career Exploration PackageCall or schedule a demo Let your youth explore career pathways.  They can discover what a “Day in the Life” and “On the Job” basic terminology looks like for popular “in-demand” industries! 

Dynamic Opportunities Professional Development Course Bundle

Preparing to support court-involved youth to start their working lives or re-entering the workforce requires an expert tool belt. Not only should you understand the population you are working with, but you would also need to have set strategies to help individuals overcome challenges and barriers they may face.

This course supports those who are actively working and engaging with youth to help coach and empower them so they will succeed in obtaining long-term sustainable employment.

Course bundle price is $299 and includes:

  • Working with an individual with a Criminal History – Working with youth in helping them seal or expunge a criminal record. 
  • Ex-offender Job Development SeriesThis series contains modules allowing you to uncover strategies your client can utilize to overcome employer resistance in hiring individuals with a criminal history.
  • Empowering the Career Seekers Through Coaching – The goal of this 5-part webinar series is to give Career Coaches the means to be instrumental in how they go about the important role of coaching customers to be their best! Effective coaching strategies in Workforce Development is ensuring customers have the support, tools and confidence to work through the steps to move towards their goals and to looks for way to continuously build on successes.

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  • Dynamic Certification – Case ManagementCase Management Certification is a 7-week live webinar program covering 7 best-practice topics including:
    1. Person-Centered Planning
    2. Motivational Interviewing
    3. Case Notes Excellence
    4. SMART Goals
    5. Ethics, Extreme Customer Service, and De-escalation
    6. Diversity and Inclusion, Cultural Competency and Unconscious Bias
    7. Working with Special Populations

This course includes live interactive webinars and feedback, study notes, and Learning Resources. This is a live interactive course offered in the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Contact DWI for more information. 

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