Displaced Worker

Reduction in Force

Losing a job is tough. Finding a new jog is even more stressful. This roadmap takes you on a path of self-rediscovery and confidence in finding and landing your next job. You have the experience and skills  Learn how you can apply them when you reinvent your interviewing and job search skills.

The Road to Accelerating Your Job Search and Placement

Reassessing Your Career

These lessons will get you on the right track to finding your next job.

Leveraging Your Network

You have the experience and connections. These lessons will provide tips to leveraging your network to find your next job quicker.

Applying for the Job

These lessons provide you the tools you need to present your best self and get you noticed.

Preparing for the Interview

Get the skills you need to be your best during the interview and land the job.

Landing the New Job

Be the best candidate for the job. These lessons provide tips and tricks to becoming the lead candidate for the job.

Get learning resources and guides on how to land that next job.

This Displaced Worker Roadmap provides:

  • 5 interactive Webinars
  • 16 Five-minute accelerated lessons
  • 16 helpful activity guides and resource references

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Resources Valued at Over $700 if purchased separately

Total Price $299.00

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