Workforce and Business Professional Development

Professional Development Courses to Excel and Advance Your Career

Dynamic Works Institute provides a series of compliance and safety course that can be implemented into your employee training programs.  Custom courses can be developed to meet your organization’s specific needs.  Please contact a Dynamic Works Institute representative for a demo or to discuss how we can help keep your employees empowered and productive. 

Dynamic Certification Case Management 3.0

To provide best practice training on case management to enhance customer interaction, provide clear case management guidelines and propel interaction from transactional to transformative.

Motivational Interviewing for Workforce Professionals

This five-part webinar series will include transitional activities between sessions, and provides learners with the opportunity to take an exit exam and receive a certification of completion at the conclusion of the series. Topics Include: Overview of Motivational Interviewing, Customer Focused Interviewing Skills, Responding Effectively to Customer Reactions, Calling for Change, Recap and Next Steps.

Workforce Development Structure, Policy, Programs

For newer employees, there are several common questions: what are the values, goals, and overall purpose of WIOA? How does the workforce development system work, and how does it affect the way I complete my work? Throughout this course, you will learn about the structure of the workforce development system, WIOA and the one-stop system, the role of partners in the one-stop system, and your role as a workforce development professional. This course provides extremely detailed information for workforce development. As a workforce development employee, it is essential that you understand the structure, policies, and program intricacies.

Workforce Rookie

Being new to workforce can be overwhelming and we know that new employees stay and feel effective when they know what they are doing. Workforce Rookie was developed with that in mind—a fast paced, interactive workforce development overview for those new to the industry. Introducing your new staff to the niche world of workforce development is essential for their success and the triumph of your program. Transferring skills and strengths from previous professional careers into workforce center case management, performance, compliance and regulatory language can be a struggle. Workforce Rookie makes this transition simpler and starts the foundation of a successful workforce career from day one.

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