Cultural and Diversity Competencies

Leveraging Your Employees Strengths to Succeed

In today’s global economy companies that can leverage the strengths of their culturally diverse workforce will succeed. Building your team’s cultural and diversity awareness and competencies pays huge dividends in your company’s performance and results. Provide your staff the training they need through these five E-learning courses and begin creating a strong culture of diversity and inclusion. The courses were developed based on a survey conducted with business leaders as the top topics that needed addressingwithin their organization.

Cultural Competency - Increasing My Awareness

We all come from different cultures, whether it is where you live, your age, racial or ethnic identity or your socioeconomic background. Those cultural differences are what makes us great. Explore the concept of cultural competency and how increasing your knowledge can expand your world.

Leading Your Employees to Greatness

Each employee in your company come to work with a unique set of strengths and often times a unique set of barriers that keep them from reaching their greatest potential. In order to be an effective leader, you need to understand how different barriers affect your employees. This course is designed to assist you in understanding barriers while providing possible solutions and improvement plans to improve the work environment.

Diversity Starts with Recruitment

During the recruitment process it is critical to ensure you are hiring a diverse workforce. All employers want to eliminate unconscious bias in their hiring processes. So how can you ensure your processes are top notch? Discover the proper steps to bring diversity into your workplace.

Strategies to Successfully Coach Your Diverse Team

Having differences is a natural part of the social experience and diversity should not diminish the right of individuals to be included in the day-to-day function of an organization's operation. This course is designed to assist leaders and managers in successfully coaching their diverse team.

Unconscious Bias

Bias in the workplace is all to common. Learning how to manage your biases is a skill you can develop with practice. In uncovering your own biases, you open the door to learning to see others with fresh eyes.

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