Compliance and Safety

Ensure Your Employees Remain Empowered and Productive

Dynamic Works Institute provides a series of compliance and safety course that can be implemented into your employee training programs.  Custom courses can be developed to meet your organization’s specific needs.  Please contact a Dynamic Works Institute representative for a demo or to discuss how we can help keep your employees empowered and productive. 

Compliance: An Investigation into Ethics, Diversity, Anti-Harassment

Explore Diversity, Ethics and Anti-Harassment training with this animated compliance package that addresses traditional compliance topics in a new way. A private investigator takes you on a journey of discovery through traditional training lessons, relevant scenarios and interactive decision making on appropriate resolution.

Safety Series

Unfortunately, safety training has become a necessity in today’s world. Knowing how to navigate an active shooter situation, staying safe in a parking lot, being aware and safe on a work trip and even tips on staying safe in a hotel are all important parts of your professional development. This two part series offers a three module training for Active Shooter, a three module training for Personal Safety, an exam and a certificate! This course is also a great addition to any required Emergency Preparedness Plans your company requires

Compliance: Diversity, Ethics and Anti-Harassment

Employee compliance training for the adult population. Course training titles include Diversity in the Workplace, Diverse Group Communications, Ethics in the Workplace, and Preventing Sexual Harassment.

Compliance: An Entry Level Introduction into Ethics, Diversity, Anti-Harassment

Compliance; An Entry Level Introduction into Ethics, Diversity, Anti-Harassment is employee compliance training for young adult/youth programs and entry level employees. Training includes the topics of Diversity, Ethics and Preventing Sexual Harassment as well as Extreme Customer Service.

Compliance: The Gray Areas of Diversity, Ethics and Anti-Harassment

The Gray Areas introduces and explores gray areas relating to Diversity, Ethics, and Sexual Harassment in the workplace. Customer Service is also included. This package utilizes scenario-based learning.

Impact Hour: a 6-Part Awareness Series

Multiply your impact through the power of awareness! Impact Hour is a 6-part, interactive webinar series designed to advance your personal and professional skills in the face of sensitive situations.

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