Returning to a New Normal

Returning to a New Normal

It’s time to re-calibrate!  Our days of working from home are coming to an end, and we’re heading back into the office. While there is no single approach to how everyone will return to their desks, it’s beginning to happen.  A recent LinkedIn survey shows that 20% of those who answered are already back at […]

Practice Really Does Make Perfect – A Coach Can Help

Dynamic Works Get Coached

The more you are comfortable doing something, the more confidence you exude while doing so. According to Tony Robbins, ‘repetition is the mother of skill.’ Equally important is the guidance of a good career coach or teacher. Good things to remember in life and particularly as you advance in your career. A career coach can […]

You ARE One in a Million – How to Let Your Potential Employer Know!

Career Advancement

There is no one just like you. No one can bring to a job precisely what you can offer, from your unique personality to your specific skillset and experiences. Capitalize on that!  As the economy reopens, people are looking for jobs or looking to change careers.  You need to stand out in the crowd.  You […]

Finding That “Just Right” Job!

Just Right Job

You remember Goldilocks and her quest for the chair/porridge/bed that was “just right.” Career opportunities are similar. Your skillset may be broad, but your sweet spot is probably relatively narrow. While there are many job openings out there right now, not every job is the “just right” job for you.  Here are a few helpful […]

Starting A Step Ahead On The Path To A New Job

Job Seekers

Are you ready to make a job change, enter, or re-enter the job force?  Whether this is your first job or relaunching your career, you are in stiff competition among the 9.7 million unemployed Americans today.  It’s a staggering number, but the good news is that companies are hiring.  The US Labor Department reports in […]

How the Pandemic is Financially Impacting our Youth

Piggy bank with mask

The Pandemic has had a financial impact on everyone, but those most affected are under 25 years old.  While the pre-pandemic economy was strong across some sectors, poverty among young adults was growing. An age group already struggling with student loan debt, limited financial aid, high insurance rates, low credit scores, and inadequate health insurance […]

Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health

How’s your mental health at work? April is stress awareness month, so there’s no better time to talk about your mental health. Mental health in every setting is essential, but one area that is often overlooked is the workplace. How are you prioritizing your mental health? Is your workplace supporting your journey towards improving the […]

Self-Care Tips for Virtual Workers


For many people, work-from-home was just a dream. In 2020 it became a reality for many of us. After a year, however, many of us are hitting a wall. Virtual work has some unique challenges. To ensure a positive work-from-home experience, you need to take steps to set yourself up for success.  You also need […]

Are you in transition? Take steps ahead to your next adventure

New Career Ahead

In today’s economy, career transitions are the norm, not the exception.  The average person will change careers five to seven times during their working life.  You’re not alone! A career change can be unsettling, but it doesn’t have to be a negative experience.  Job transitions can be beneficial financially and mentally if you prepare well.  […]

Building Diverse, Inclusive and Equitable Workplaces

Coworkers at the office.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are not just buzz words. They are a business imperative for businesses who want to succeed.  A study by McKinsey in 2018 showed the connection between diversity and financial performance.  Higher gender diversity companies performed 21 percent better than the national median, and companies with higher racial/ethnic diversity performed […]