Career Readiness Skills

Individual Specialty Job Readiness Courses

Gain the skills you need in finding the right career, customer service, problem solving and job performance. 

GoGuide – Career Path

Are you ready to take action on your career path? GoGuide will get you moving in the right direction — fast!

GoGuide – Entrepreneurial Path

Are you ready to take action on an idea that is important to you? GoGuide will get you moving in the right direction — fast! GoGuide is designed to help you take an idea that matters to you and create a plan to make it real — so you can make a living and make a difference!

Extreme Customer Service

By definition, “extreme” is to “attain the highest or greatest degree.” For customer service and most aspects of the business world, being extreme, or achieving the highest degree is beneficial for several reasons. In this course, you will learn how to project a positive image and energy, how to be courteous and respectful to all customers, how to go above and beyond, and how to create good relationships with customers as a team player. This course is essential for understanding the customer service world and all current and future customer service employees should know the important qualities of an extreme customer service employee.

Extreme Customer Service; Even When You Don’t Feel Extreme

Providing good customer service experiences for co-works, job seekers, employers, partners, well, everyone, is just part of what we are expected to do each day. Right? But how do you do that on the days you JUST DON’T FEEL like it? We all have difficult days and these days can make providing extreme customer service to others feel like an unattainable goal. Join us and learn how you can overcome those days and provide extreme customer service even when you don’t feel extreme!

Get Prep’D Work Readiness Series

Get Prep’D addresses the fact that employers hire on technical skills but promote or terminate based on soft skills. Based on employer research and feedback, we have identified five initial topics integral to successful transition to employment and success on the job: Remaining Focused on the Job, Taking Initiative, Effective Problem Solving Skills, Written and Verbal Communication and Dependability. All employees will benefit from learning these skills so they can shine.

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