The Modern Workplace Is Interpersonal

Interpersonal Skills Graphic

You don’t have to be a sociologist to know that people crave personal validation. We see it every day in the workplace – the mere act of saying hello to your office mates as you walk into the building or waving goodbye as you leave a zoom call can make a difference. Of course, the […]

Soft Skills Are Harder To Learn

There is a formal or perhaps informal plan for learning the technical skills necessary to perform well when starting a new job. For example, someone will show you how to use the equipment properly, the procedures involved in documentation, and even where the off switch is. These are the kinds of hard skills necessary to […]

Hard Skills Are Pointless Without Soft Skills

At Dynamic Works, we know that you can’t be effective with only technical skills in most jobs. For example, a salesperson with an outstanding knowledge of their product and market will only be successful if they have the interpersonal skills to close deals and retain clients. A business manager needs to listen to employees, have […]

Dynamic Teams & Working Styles

Photo of Teamwork of businesspeople work together and combine pieces of gears. Partnership and integration concept

There are many things that make our team well… dynamic. One of the most unique facets is that our team works remotely full-time. We’ve been doing it for a while, so the work from home part is not new to us. The at home all the time part is! For some of us we’ve suddenly […]

The Age of the Virtual Job Fair

Photo of A mid adult man gestures while talking with a group of colleagues during a virtual staff meeting via video conference.

Everything looks a bit different now in the workforce world, and the job fair is part of that change.  Virtual job fairs have been coming to prominence for some time, but now more than ever they are the way to connect job seekers to hiring managers.  We don’t expect this to end anytime soon.   That’s […]

Building Your Skills & Resume in a Time of Crisis

Photo of job search and interview resume recruitment application concept

Much of the world has been at a standstill since March, but that doesn’t mean your career has to be.  This might be a good time for you to work on building your portfolio. An updated resume can show your value to future employers in a more appealing way.  If you’ve been furloughed, had hours […]

Creating Positive Team Energy in Your Workplace

Photo of Young and creative team discussing ideas in board room. Group of multi ethnic people during business meeting.

Positive energy, morale, esprit de corps, whatever you call it the culture of your organization is important. An organization’s culture is defined by the common spirit existing in the members of the group. A culture that is inspiring enthusiastic, devoted, with strong regard for the success and advancement of the group is a model worth […]

The Importance of a Daily Schedule

Photo of Calendar on your mobile phone, top view

Remember being a kid and having a predictable schedule every day. It may have been simple, but you knew that you’d wake up, eat breakfast, go to school, do homework, play with friends, eat dinner, watch a little tv maybe and start your bedtime routine. Routines are anchors when we are children. No matter what […]