Art of Negotiation

Whether you’re starting your career, or looking to level up in your current position, negotiation skills are a fundamental tool for success.

Finding a Job on LinkedIn

A solid and captivating LinkedIn profile is your virtual business card, making it the cornerstone of your job search efforts on the platform. Your goal is to grab the attention of potential employers and recruiters.

Getting on the Right Path

Finding the right career path can be challenging, and job seekers often face many obstacles – making the process even more daunting. The good news is, with proper tips and insights,anyone can navigate the job market more effectively and find a career that's both rewarding and fulfilling!

Why networking is crucial to land a job

Networking - land a job

You’ve heard the saying, “it’s not what you know but who you know.” One of the best ways to
get your foot in the door is through networking. So what exactly does that mean? Networking is
about building relationships with people who can help advance your career—either indirectly.

Four Tips for Nailing your Job Interview

If you’re looking for employment, it’s essential to approach your job interview with the proper attitude. While interviewing for a position can be nerve-wracking, with the right mindset and preparation you can nail the interview and land your job.

What is CWDP Certification?

Get recertified today with Dynamic Works!

What is CWDP Certification? Workforce development is a direct approach to revitalizing a region’s economic stability. Unlike other methods of economic stimulation, this person-centered approach focuses on the needs of the people of the community, rather than the businesses, taking into account the barriers faced by community members as well as the overall needs of […]