Workforce Business Services – Your Customers!

Seven business people holding white cards with letters to assemble the word SUPPORT on textured wooden desk. Conceptual of teamwork, cooperation and customer service.

For those of you in Workforce Services, who is your primary customer? Who or what group of people are the reason we do what we do and whose needs are our primary customer?  If you said Businesses, you are exactly right!  If you didn’t, no judgement here, but now you know.

Think about how your services impact the labor market. While we truly serve our job seekers and know they are a high valued asset that we need to develop, truly if we don’t have businesses we don’t have anything! They are our reason for our services, they are our target they are our first and primary customer.  With that being said, let me ask why do we just assume people have people have the skills to serve our local businesses?  Why do we assume that a couple quick discussions, maybe some job shadowing and on-the-job training and then miraculously these team members have the skills necessary to fully serve businesses?  Does that make sense? Well it doesn’t make sense to us at Dynamic Works either.

To better serve you, our customers, and to ensure your team is equipped with right skills, we have just created a brand new, hot off the press, training process for your business services. We at Dynamic Works have partnered with Manpower, a leader in staffing and talent management, has developed a tailored certification process to help equip and prepare your team members to serve your local business.  This certification process will include how to identify a business’s needs, how to build relationships with those businesses to become an irreplaceable asset, and how to develop talent to deliver the needs of the business foster a long-term relationship.  Even with this unique talent, we also offer in between exercises to make sure the information is locked in and retained.

We know that our primary mission is to meet the needs of businesses using talent development as a means to deliver quality talent pipeline. Let us assist you, our primary customer, to meet the needs of your primary customer. Contact Us Today!