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Here are some of our most common questions!

I have forgotten my Logon Information

Hey, it happens to the best of us! Click on “Forgot your Login?” and follow the instructions. A message providing your current login and password will then be sent to the email address that you gave us when you enrolled at Dynamic Works Institute.

Remember – your User Name and Password are case-sensitive!

I’ve forgotten my Logon Information AND my email has changed

Telephone our office for help at 321.205.1590 Monday through Friday, 8 am -5 pm EST or email us at

I just finished one course and am trying to open another course – and it won’t open

When you click on a course title to open a course, it opens a new window.  If you do not close that window when you are done with the course, the next course is displayed in that original course window.  By this time, the window is often hidden from you.  You can close or minimize your open windows until you see your course.


For a full list of FAQ’s for Dynamic Works, click here.

For Course Technical Requirements click  tech requirements

If you still need help, email us at