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Individual Orders

To place an individual order for yourself, you can go to our online catalog and use the shopping cart.  We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit cards.

Individual Orders

Bulk Orders

If you are an organization and are ordering for yourself, groups of people or other individuals, please use our online Bulk Order ordering system.  (You will need to log in for this.)  We can issue you an invoice by email or if you prefer to pay by credit card, please call Denise at 321-205-1590 who will be happy to assist you.  Established Dynamic Works customers and new customers providing a Purchase Order or Letter of Authorization will generally have their orders processed and courses activated when their order is submitted for processing.

Your training dollar is practically risk-free with us. Should your employee leave your organization without using the courses within six months of purchase, you may transfer that package without charge to another employee!

As a Dynamic Works customer, your purchase entitles you to a free management tool to monitor the status of your students’ training. These Training Manager pages provide you with up-to-the-minute information on your students, online, anytime!

Bulk Orders

Dynamic Works Purchase Policy

  1. Submission of this order, in any format, constitutes an agreement and acceptance by the orderer that all information is complete and correct, and guarantees payment in full to Dynamic Works Institute, according to the prices listed.
  2. Payment is due upon receipt.
  3. To be processed, orders must be accompanied by either a signed purchase order or a valid credit card number. (Call us for credit card processing.)
  4. Courses can be transferred to other learners in your organization if:
    • The transfer is made within 6 months of the original order
    • The student has not taken any courses
    • The student shows no online activity
  5. Once a student has begun using the courses, transfers or substitutions cannot be made.
    Why? When students become members, they are assured that they have access to that course for the lifetime of their membership, which is unlimited. Our motto is Lifelong Learning. In order to keep our promise to our students, therefore, we cannot transfer course access once learning has begun.
  6. All courses are offered as an annual license. Bulk orders have 1 year from Date of purchase to assign the course(s) to students. Any licenses remaining at the 1 year anniversary are forfeited. Dynamic Works is not responsible for refunding any unused seats for bulk orders.
  7. Terms and conditions are subject to change. Please contact info@dwfs.us if you have further questions.


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