Helping Those with a Criminal Past

Someone filling out Request for Criminal Background Check.

As a workforce professional, it is commonplace to help individuals with a criminal history to find employment. This task can prove to be difficult and present many challenges.  It is estimated that nearly one-third of American adults have been arrested by age 23.  This record will keep many people from obtaining employment, even if they have paid their dues, are qualified for the job and are unlikely to reoffend.  Research suggests that having stable employment can help the individual distance them from repeating a criminal act.  So the pressure is on to get these customers employment, and fast.

However, finding consistent employment is extremely challenging. There are a number of statistical barriers stacked against this population well before they secure an interview.  The role of the workforce professional is in great need to assist in bridging opportunities for these individuals to a better life scenario.

Dynamic Works Institute is partnering with Workforce 180 in 2017 to offer an enlightening opportunity to learn strategies to help. Topics that will be discussed in the 2 live webinar and 2 online course series are as follows:

  • Improving Self-Perception and Strength-Based Engagement
  • Evidence of Rehabilitation for Your Clients
  • Understanding a RAP Sheet (Records of Arrest and Prosecution)
  • Addressing Resume and Application Challenges
  • Making the Match – Friendly Industries for Reentrants
  • Criminal Justice Resources
  • Ban the Box and Fair Hiring Policies
  • Employment Rights and the Eight Factor Test
  • Overcoming Employer Resistance
  • Understanding Occupational Licensing Barriers to Employment

If you would like to learn strategies to better assist customers in this population, be on the look out for details in your inbox. An email will be sent with dates, times and registration specifics.   Empower yourself with the skills and best practices to help these individuals.